Lockheed (R)F-104G STARFIGHTER

In 1965 the Lockheed F-104G  started flying at Volkel. She was the first multi-role airframe capable as interceptor, bomber, strafer and photo recon. And above all, it was the introction to supersonic flight in the Netherlands.

In Room 3 are quite a few exibits from the time periode including an actual F-104G cockpit section and many of the onboard computers.

The "Office" of the Starfighter!

A 306 Sqn Lockheed (R)F-104G Starfighter first seen in 1962 at Twenthe and a few months later at Volkel.

In 1974 the RF-104G gets an Orpheus reccepod built by Dutch companies De Oude Delft Optical Industries, the National Air and Space Labratories and Fokker.

Formation Lockheed F-104G Starfighters

F-104G with deployed dragchute

The aeroengine shop at Volkel

In the forground, ATC's MOBile TOwer.

22 F-104Gs during Open House de Peel 1980

The solo display F-104G flown by Hans van der Werf

(TRIVIA this Starfighter had to remain operational so only the removable tail section was painted. If needed the tail was taken off and replaced with the camo version)